Social Media; friend or foe?

So you’ve landed the PR job of your dreams, (no) thanks to Klout, but what about the effect that social media has on the company you now work for?

For companies who (without your expertise, considering that you are a new employee) chose to dive (or were thrown by their now retrenched previous communications expert) into the deep end and joined every social media possible, perhaps a step back is on the cards. A “cleanse” of sorts to clean up all ten different – and most likely unnecessary – social media networks.

There are now so many channels, aside from the original media, that we have the pleasure of monitoring, updating, linking, tweeting, retweeting that our intended messages are sure to be lost somewhere in the abyss that is the internet.


This is where social media niches come into play… or they would, were they easily accessible to the simple (read: tech illiterate) PR masses. 

I agree with Erica Swallow in that social media can be beneficial and useful, if and when you find the right platform for your audience. Finding this audience, however, can be a difficult task, there are naturally stereotypes for each social network, but what about the exceptions to the rules? Are we willing to risk a (most likely minority) audience in order to focus our social networking on one specific area?

In my opinion, these exceptions should be forgotten. The fewer networks you have to look after the better. If we can find the ones that are best suited to our company and we pick the top few, there is less to monitor and more time to tailor our messages to each network.

Let us know what you think: Share your experiences with or opinions of social media in PR below.

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